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Re: Ryan Finnie statement for DM

Ryan Finnie wrote:
> Thank you.  I was planning on waiting for an advocation from the
> person who originally signed my GPG key before submitting a bug
> report, but I haven't heard back from him this morning.  Is only one
> advocate (Christoph) sufficient for processing a DM application?  Can
> additional advocates be added later if needed?

Yes, it makes sense to post a message here, wait for advocates, and then
bundle up the whole thing with links to the mails into a changeset filed
as a bug report.

We can accept applicants with only one advocate, but more makes it
easier for me (and probably for the other DM keyring maintainers too).
If there's only one advocate (especially if they're the only one signing
your key), I need to do a little more research to get a good feel for
your level of contributions to Debian.

We generally don't add more advocates after accepting a changeset, since
it means modifying the changeset, which while possible, is ugly to do
and can lead to other team members wasting time checking on why an
existing changeset has been modified.

see shy jo

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