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Re: Advocate DM: Jose Parrella

Anthony Towns wrote:
> On Sat, Nov 17, 2007 at 04:47:27PM +0100, Luk Claes wrote:
>> Anthony Towns wrote:
>>> That seems like an incredibly backwards rationale. "Jose is so completely
>>> qualified to be uploaded, that he should not have upload permissions."
>> Hmm, I think it's more like Jose should be DD, there is no need to add
>> someone to the DM keyring if he's about to be added to the DD one...
> He's asked to be added, and been advocated by a DD. What possible reason
> is there that he should be blocked from a process available to less
> qualified people? In what possible way do you think being a DM has *any*
> impact on him becoming a DD?

I only said what I think it meant, I'm not saying anything about my own

>> PS: Note that I don't object in any way Jose becoming a DM, just wanted
>> to point out that aj (and anibal) should communicate in the team before
>> they add someone to avoid this kind of mess...
> The GR defines the team to be Joey and myself. We've added Anibal, in the
> same way that other delegates decide to add people to their team -- by
> discussing amongst ourselves, and talking to Anibal. In this case, we've
> gone a step further in asking Sam for an ack, which hasn't happened yet.
> The commit rights that are extended to Joerg and others are purely
> to enable problems to be dealt with in a timely fashion. That changed
> from the first version of the proposal precisely because many of them
> indicated they didn't want to be part of the team.

I'm not here to play word games... Not communicating about DM candidates
and just announcing that they became DM just looks wrong to me and
apparantly for some categories also to a member of DAM...



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