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Re: Activity poll among applicants

Christoph Berg <myon@nm.debian.org> writes:
> Yesterday evening I sent out the text below to all applicants that
> have had I look at before and found them to be active, plus all others
> to the end of the queue that are yet unchecked (the majority).

We decided yesterday that Myon gets to do the nice part, while I have to
play the evil guy. So I sent this mail to those applicants that were not


I'm writing to you as a member of the Frontdesk team that is
responsible for assigning Application Managers to New Maintainers and
managing the nm.debian.org database.

You are currently waiting to get an Application Manager assigned.
As the number of applicants waiting for an AM is quite high, we're
currently trying to adopt some new rules for the New Maintainer
process. This includes a higher contribution to Debian before starting
the process, as we have found that some people are not experienced
enough to pass the New Maintainer checks in a timely manner.

As contributions are hard to measure, there are no clear rules, but only
some rough guidelines. For example, from people mostly interested in
packaging, we're expecting two or more simple packages or at least a
bigger one, but some uploads in any case.

We are currently going through the list of already existing applications
and have tried to find those where we believe that the applicant should
probably do some more work before applying for developership. Take this
with a grain of salt, as we have only used some Debian QA tools to check
this, but you were on this list. If you believe that we have overlooked
something you have done, please cry out now!

But if, on the other hand, you too think that you haven't done enough
work to pass the NM checks easily with your current experience, we
would like to ask you to reapply at a later date. We will cancel the
application next week if you don't react, but feel free to reapply when
you have the feeling that you have gained the needed experience.

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