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Re: Activity poll among applicants

Re: To Debian New Maintainer List 2006-06-12 <[🔎] 20060612084929.GC8175@df7cb.de>
> Yesterday evening I sent out the text below to all applicants that
> have had I look at before and found them to be active, plus all others
> to the end of the queue that are yet unchecked (the majority).
> The feedback has already started trickling in, and from what I've seen
> so far, has mostly been positive. (Probably not surprising after just
> 10 hours.)

What I forgot to mention: Marc is pinging the applicants that we have
had a look at and do not consider to be ready, and a mail similar to
mine will be sent automatically to the applicants when they apply once
we get around to implement that.

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