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AM report for Paul Wise <pabs3@bonedaddy.net>

Report for new developper applicant Paul Wise <pabs3@bonedaddy.net>

1. Identification & Background
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      uid                  Paul Wise <pabs3@bonedaddy.net>
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   Applicant writes:
      I am 26, I live in Perth, Western Australia. I've a BSc, majored in
      Biotechnology  and  Environmental  Science.   At  university  I  was
      interested in genetics/bioinformatics  and  ecology  and  geographic
      information systems.


      My contributions to debian so far have been reporting bugs,  sending
      patches, packaging, adopting orphaned packages, helping a little bit
      on #debian and less on debian-user. I've also done a bit of qa work
      and some helping people on debian-mentors with packaging issues (and
      contributed to the FAQ).  I've contacted some people  who  had  made
      packages but didn't  try  to  get  them  into  debian  in  order  to
      encourage them to do so. I also wrote a patch for debtags support on
      packages.d.o that jvw applied to his svn  repo.   I'm  part  of  the
      debian-gis, python-modules, pkg-synfig and pkg-fonts  co-maintenance
      teams. I am/was also part of the aborted pkg-xchat team.

      My primary areas of interest are NM/sponsoring, QA and to  a  lesser
      extent developer and other infrastructure. I plan to work on QA, NM
      and sponsoring.  I also plan to establish a  debian-flash  group  at
      some point.  As far as packaging goes, that will generally be  i18n,
      gis, indymedia and flash related, although I do have a long list  of
      URLs of upstream projects I think should be in debian.   Other  than
      that, I'll see where debian takes me and where  it  intersects  with
      real life.

      More links of my contributions and plans can be  found  on  my  wiki
      page: http://wiki.debian.org/PaulWise

   Advocate Says:
      I have worked with Paul Wise in other projects  inside  as  well  as
      outside of Debian for some time now and as a result, I  believe  his
      technical skills, his committment to Debian and to Free Software and
      his excellent ability to work  with  others  make  him  somebody  I,
      without hesitation, advocate to become a Debian developer. Paul has
      several packages in the archive that I have sponsored, I can  attest
      that he really knows how to package well. He is active in submitting
      useful bugs, often including  patches.   Even  though  he  is  a  NM
      himself,  he  has  patiently  and  selflessly   helped   people   on
      debian-mentors with packaging and has contributed to the FAQ.   When
      he becomes a developer he will undoubtedly continue his mentor  work
      in sponsoring and helping new developers. He has done QA work, and I
      believe that he will get involved doing more so in the future. Paul
      is also interested in building a debian-flash related community  and
      has a handful of really good things that Debian  needs  that  he  is
      working on packaging.  Having Paul Wise as a Debian developer  would
      be a great benefit to the project,  and  I  am  looking  forward  to
      working with him more in the future.

2. Philosophy and Procedures

   Paul has a good understanding of Debians Philosophy and
   Procedures. He answered all my Questions about Social Contract,
   DFSG, BTS etc. in a good way.

3. Tasks and Skills

   Paul is Maintainer of numerous packages [1], that are all in a very
   good shape, few opened bugs, no bug roting in the BTS. He has also 4
   packages in stable: fonttools that he recently adopted, mancala,
   mapserver and nsis.

   He also answered my other Questions regarding T&S without problems.

   [1] http://qa.debian.org/developer.php?login=Paul+Wise

4. Recommendation
   I recommend to accept him as a Debian Developer.
   Account:       pabs
   Forward-Email: pabs3@bonedaddy.net

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