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Re: Suggestion: Time limit for NM process

Nico Golde wrote:
> Thats a bit difficult, I mean there is no real course at the 
> moment but the result would be the same if the applicant 
> would be more active in packaging, documentation and other 
> stuff needed by debian. So in some way all this -mentors 
> stuff is the course.

I don't think that it's the same.  I was active in packaging,
documentation and other stuff for quite a while before entering NM.
This didn't prepare me for the famous T&S questions about library symbol
versioning, and so on.  It didn't really make sense for my AM to be
waiting for me while I researched these matters.

The course could simply be a number of wiki pages containing information
and tutorials that would prepare someone to answer the standard NM

Don Armstrong wrote:
> In most cases, an applicant who hasn't entered DAMnation within one
> year of having an AM assigned either has a busy AM, or should have
> been put on hold by the AM. The former probably should be solved by
> the AM in question reducing the number of applicants that they are
> handling or cloning themselves so they have more free time; the latter
> is just a matter of AMs being more agressive in putting people who are
> taking a long time to complete the process on hold.

What a time limit would do is force the AM to make a decision.  If the
end of the year approaches and the process is not complete then the AM
has to decide either to process the application or reject the applicant.

It could happen that an AM lets the year elapse without making a
decision, but this is then a clear opportunity for the FD to fire the

> I think a set of DD continuing education coupled with NM training is
> a good idea. Why don't you organize something along those lines and
> see if people participate?

The creation of the course should happen in combination with the time
limit so that there is a motivation for applicants to follow the course.
(The applicant is motivated to follow the course if he or she knows that
there is only so much time within which all questions have to be

The reason I won't set this up myself is that I'm not a DD.

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