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Re: AM Report for Faidon Liambotis <faidon@cube.gr>

Don Armstrong wrote:
> On Mon, 06 Feb 2006, Don Armstrong wrote:
>>   Beyond his work in Debian, Faidon is the "maintainer of the gnunet
>>   package, and co-maintainer of the libextractor package. [He is]
>>   also the creator of apt-torrent which is in the experimental phase
>>   (http://sianka.free.fr)"
> Sorry, I made a rather embarassing mistake here which Faidon pointed
> out: Faidon isn't the maintainer of gnunet, Arnaud Kyheng is. [This
> paragraph leaked into the report and I didn't think to check it
> carefully.]

..nor is he {co-,}maintainer of libextractor.

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