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Re: another wake-up call (sad, but true)

Ghe Rivero <ghe.rivero@gmail.com> writes:
> El dom, 11-12-2005 a las 01:55 +0100, Marc 'HE' Brockschmidt escribió:
>> Ghe Rivero <ghe.rivero@gmail.com> writes:
>> > and i don't want to imagine, how long it will take to the final DAM
>> > approval (bad news says its around 10/12 months!). 
>> No, for normal cases, DAM approval does not need a year.
> Thanks to dato via irc and this messages, these are the firsts news i
> have for almost a month.
> I don't how the others newmaint are doing it, but i don't like be
> waiting 4, 6 , X months without news.

If you're unsure about your application, you can ALWAYS ask the Front
Desk. That's more or less what we do: Organize stuff, give out
information and the odd report checking from time to time.

> Maybe i little more of communication or feedback would be ok (Even
> just to say "next month we will start looking at your report...").

Well, the problem is that due to our exceptionally good time-management,
such promises would be broken on a regular basis.

> The only way that i have to check my applayment is via web, that i
> must check periodically since i don't received any mail when there was
> any change. 

You should receive mails about all changes from the person doing the
change: When an AM accepts you as Applicant, he'll send you a mail. When
you pass some checks, you'll be noticed by the AM. When you're approved,
your AM will probably share his happy moment with you. When the FD
checks your report, you'll *always* get a notice with stuff your AM
forgot. When the DAM creates your account, you'll get an email with
account details...

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