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Re: another wake-up call (sad, but true)

Sad but true.
	I've been on the NM process since March this year. It tooks four months
to have an AM assigned and 3 months later (due to some AM problems at
the beginnig) i passed everything. 1 month later, my AM recommends me,
and one more ,until now, the FD have not check completeness of report
already, and i don't want to imagine, how long it will take to the final
DAM approval (bad news says its around 10/12 months!). There is not too
much people in the process: 6 waiting for FD Approval and another 23 for
the DAM one, so it's not so overloaded.

	So, what it takes me two/three months to finish, will go over almost 2
years. There is a problem here, i know and i assume it when i apply, but
it will discourage too many people to help.

	Ghe Rivero

El sáb, 10-12-2005 a las 15:02 +0100, Geert Stappers escribió:
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> Hello,
> I was shocked to read at http://planet.debian.org:
> | Thomas Hood
> | Withdrawal from NM
> | 
> | I have been in the NM process for well over two years now and I have
> | replied to all the questions that have been posed to me. I can infer
> | from the fact that I have not been accepted yet either that Debian does
> | not want me as a maintainer, and lacks the courage to tell me so, or
> | that Debian is hopelessly and fatally bureaucratic. Possibly both.
> | Whichever it is, it seems appropriate for me to withdraw my application.
> | So I do.
> ( Comments at http://www.livejournal.com/users/jdthood/2498.html )
> Please prevent further damage.
> GSt
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