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Re: another wake-up call (sad, but true)


Ghe Rivero <ghe.rivero@gmail.com> writes:
> 	I've been on the NM process since March this year. It tooks four months
> to have an AM assigned and 3 months later (due to some AM problems at
> the beginnig) i passed everything. 1 month later, my AM recommends me,
> and one more ,until now, the FD have not check completeness of report
> already,

Yes. As checking your report as FD wouldn't make the DAM queue shorter,
I preferred to use my (rare, at the moment) free time to do other Debian
stuff. It really doesn't make a difference if you wait in my queue or in
Joerg's, I fear.

> and i don't want to imagine, how long it will take to the final DAM
> approval (bad news says its around 10/12 months!). 

No, for normal cases, DAM approval does not need a year.

> There is not too much people in the process: 6 waiting for FD Approval
> and another 23 for the DAM one, so it's not so overloaded.

As each reports needs about 1 1/2 to 2 hours of checking, you're talking
about ~50 hours of quite boring volunteer work here. It's not really
overloaded, but there have been some problems in the last few
months. We're working on it.

>	So, what it takes me two/three months to finish, will go over almost 2
> years.


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