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Re: Queue processing


I took quite a bit of time, but I think I should add a few comments as
member of the FD...

Troy Heber <troy.heber@hp.com> writes:
> I would like to understand how the DAM queue is processed. I was 5
> from the bottom last week. 5 people were just processed and I'm still
> 2 back in the queue? I can see that two people who passed FD *MUCH*
> later than I did, one was 2005-10-25, the other was 2005-09-18, mine
> was 2005-03-22 just passed DAM approval ahead of me, why/how? 

The problem you describe is existing for some time now. There are
several reasons to this, but most of them can be backtraced to a lack of
As most people probably know, the DAM has a "little" backlog of
applications that were approved by the respective AM, but need to be
checked. This backlog grew bigger in 2004 and is slowly decreasing since
Joerg Jaspert started to help out as DAM at the beginning of this year.

This means that some persons doing quite a lot of work need some time to
get their account, even it makes their work a lot harder than it should
be. This lead to some cases of out-of-order processing of New Maintainer
applications, as developers from different parts of Debian expressed
that these people need an account fast (for helping with @BIG_BACKLOG or

This is not a good thing and I'm not too happy about it, but someone
who invests a lot of time and can help out in central places *will* be
fast-tracked, as this is in the interest of the project. Even if it
creates social problems, we have accepted that not every NM is able to
invest the same amount of time and work. 

I hope that in the next 3 months, the DAM backlog will finally be
cleared, after that, *that* part of the problem should be solved.

> If this is how the process is suppose to work, I'll just shut up and
> keep waiting. 

Please do not shut up. Even if communicating problems doesn't lead to an
immediate change in our procedures, it's important to do it to allow us
to plan ahead and solve the problem in the long term.

Marc, wearing the FD hat in a funny way

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