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Re: Queue processing

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Luk Claes wrote:
> Troy Heber wrote:
>>>I understand why there are differences in AM assignment and the FD
>>>queue. However, the process is pretty broken if someone can be waiting
>>>in the DAM queue, this mean having completed everything ask of them
>>>already, another NM *applies* for NM and still manages pass through
>>>first. Let me reiterate he applied for NM after I was sitting in the
>>>DAM queue! This is so disproportional that it does not make sense.

This does seem notably annoying, I too would be frustrated by this. If
there was a transparant reason for why NMs who have been sitting in the
DAM queue got passed up by people who applied to be NMs after you
entered the DAM queue, then this would be bearable. However, with only
one person, seemingly unaccountable and operating without transparancy,
this sort of frustration is going to happen over and over.

>>>This is a perfect example of why people get so frustrated with the NM
>>>process. In reality the NM process is not a process because it is
>>>non-deterministic. As you say, "it's up to the DAM to decide".
>>>So I will shut up now, and go back to my arbitrary wait.
> I don't know if it's the case here, but instead of waiting one better
> makes sure one will get accepted eventually by doing lots of great work
> and asking a lot of DDs things to get your work done (like sponsoring)
> so they'll ask DAM to process you first :-)

As someone who sponsors Troy's packages, would it suffice if I ask that
the DAM process him ahead of others? It would be really nice if I didn't
have to sponsor Troy's packages anymore. However, I am guessing that
others who have made it past their AM are also maintaining packages and
also have sponsors who would like this.

> I think one possibility is that one has to wait long because DAM isn't
> sure yet whether they will accept you or not. So if you make sure you're
> very active at that moment might help... while sending mails about
> 'waiting' and 'disproportional' won't help for sure...

If the DAM wasn't sure if they will accept Troy, I would sure like to
know why.

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