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Queue processing

I would like to understand how the DAM queue is processed. I was 5
from the bottom last week. 5 people were just processed and I'm still
2 back in the queue? I can see that two people who passed FD *MUCH*
later than I did, one was 2005-10-25, the other was 2005-09-18, mine
was 2005-03-22 just passed DAM approval ahead of me, why/how? 

I don't want a flame war, but this is extremely frustrating. I
had/have no issues with the NM process until I hit DAM queue. This is
probably because I simply don't understand how the process works,
please explain it. From the NM's perspective I have done everything
you (Debian) has ask of me. I have passed the tests, I am an active
contributor to the project. The next step is an arbitrary length
weight until Ganneff has time to process applicants in the DAM queue.
I had thought it was a queue, and as Ganneff had time he would process
applicants pretty much in order. However, I can clearly see that
someone received special/preferential treatment. In this case, I don't
understand how people were able to jump ahead in the queue. 

If this is how the process is suppose to work, I'll just shut up and
keep waiting. 

BTW: I often hear the argument that you don't need to be a DD to
contribute to the project. While this is true, I have found that not
being a DD can really hurt. For example, I received a FTBFS bug on one
of my packages on an architecture that I do not have access to. I'm
not allowed to use the Debian infrastructure, so... I have to find
someone else to work on my bugs. 



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