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Re: Using orphaned packages as NM playground

Martin Pitt wrote:
> Hi!
> Since I don't only want to ask theoretical questions to my applicants,
> I had given them a nonofficial and really broken bogus package (that
> was sent to me for sponsoring a long time ago), and asked them to fix
> all packaging bugs they could find and make it a really perfect
> package.
> However, since this is just wasted effort, I would rather want to have
> them work on an actually useful thing. It recently sprang into my mind
> that it could be a good idea to pick some really poor packaged
> orphaned packages and ask the NM to improve one of them.
> I think by working on orphaned packages we should not step on
> anybody's toes, right?
> What do you think about this idea?

please do! it is really a pleasure to see the wnpp list shortening from
time to time :)

I would (ab)use the new usertags feature to tag the relevant WNPP bug
"suitable-for-NM" or similar and put this ML as user. When the applicant
is done with the package, either untag the bug or do a sponsored upload



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