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Re: SRPM to Debian Framework

On Sun, 2005-07-17 at 09:59, Ram Kumar DANGETI wrote:
> Hi,
>        Just wondering whether it could be easy to build a framework or
> a package in python or perl which could convert an SRPM into a deb
> package.
>        As far as extracting the tgz and spec file from a SRPM is
> concerned, rpm2cpio could be handy, but will it be easy automate the
> deb package build process by using the information in the spec file
> and the source files in the archive?
>        Is there any example showing how we can manually accomplish this task.
>        Thankyou and hope to hear from you regarding this.
> regards,
> ram.

I am not sure it is possible in the general case.  I have
done it a couple of times - once for pnet, and one for
converting Red Hat kernel rpm's to Debian kernal RPM's.

You can find both under here:


A copy of the pnet conversion utility is in each of the
pnet source .deb's.  It is called:  build-debian-packages.sh.

The Red Hat kernel converter is a separate packet called
kern2deb.  It is also a shell script.

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