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Re: Reactivating myself

Hi Brian!

You wrote:
> Hi, I was a developer until a few years ago. I finally escaped college 
> and got a real job and would like to start contributing to debian again.
> I see my account is still in LDAP, but I'm happy to go through whatever 
> processes to reactivate myself.

Joerg recently discussed the Emeritus-reactivation procedure a bit in
hit "bit from the DAMs" message. [1]

> One of these will be getting a new key signed. I still reside in 
> Honolulu, but travel occasionally on business so I'm sure we can work 
> something out. If there's a better list for keysigning events these 
> days, please advise.

There's a keysigning coordination page nowadays:
http://nm.debian.org/gpg.php.  Also mailing to debian-devel if you're
visiting a specific place might be a good way of getting in contact with
local developers.

Kind regards,
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