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AM report for Nikita V. Youshchenko

Report for new developer applicant Nikita V. Youshchenko:

0. Recommendation

   I recommend to accept Nikita V. Youshchenko as new Developer of the Debian
   Project for free Software.
1. Identification & Background

   Check with Keyid 0xC9132DDB

   ID Check passed, Key signed by at least one existing Debian Developer:

    pub  1024D/C9132DDB 2004-09-15 Nikita V. Youshchenko <yoush@cs.msu.su>
         Key fingerprint = 19A5 0310 44F2 74AA 1676  1CFD BF7C 793A C913 2DDB
    sig!3       9469A7A7 2004-10-05   Peter Novodvorsky <nidd@myxomop.com>
    sig!3       C9132DDB 2004-09-15   Nikita V. Youshchenko <yoush@cs.msu.su>
    uid                            Nikita Youshchenko <yoush@cs.msu.su>
    sig!3       9469A7A7 2004-10-05   Peter Novodvorsky <nidd@myxomop.com>
    sig!3       C9132DDB 2004-09-15   Nikita V. Youshchenko <yoush@cs.msu.su>
    sub  4096g/3D0AE933 2004-09-15
    sig!        C9132DDB 2004-09-15   Nikita V. Youshchenko <yoush@cs.msu.su>

   His key is signed by non-Debian keys that are part of the web of trust.

   Applicant writes:

   I use Linux since early 1996. At that time I was a student and had plenty
   of free time to learn the system. At first I had Slackware 3.x installed,
   then I started to download almost every piece of software for Linux that I
   could find. I had free Internet access at university, so I downloaded up
   to several dozens megabytes daily, and copied everything to my home
   machine using floppies, then built it and installed it. That was a nice
   game, and it helped me to learn very well how everything works.
   Of course my installation that suffered from all those experiments was a
   complete mess, now I wonder how it worked at all :). One day I got tired
   of that, and decided to install from scratch a "modern" distribution that 
   has working package management. The choice was between RedHat 4.x and
   Debian 2.0 pre-release. At that moment I didn't know much about any of 
   those distributions, and chose Debian only because of it's .orig.tar.gz +
   diff.gz source package format. I hoped this will help me to still rebuild
   everything I wish while minimizing downloads, because I thougth there is
   no need to get .orig.tar.gz each time, using upstream patches instead. 
   (Later I found that it is not always possible, but is not really 
   needed :) ).

   So I installed Debian 2.0 pre-release. That was the only installation of
   Debain on my home computer - hardware changed several times, and system                                                                           
   was upgraded many times, but never reinstalled. I don't think this is                                                                             
   possible in any distribution other than Debain. Currently I mostly run
   sarge, with several packages from sid.

   Currently I am a system administrator and software engeneer (and a sort of
   Linux guru) at Computer Systems Lab, Computer Science department of Moscow
   State University. I'm running a network of Debian machines, and most of
   our software projects are also for Linux.

   I'm trying to be a member of free software community, and always try to
   report bugs that I find and provide patches if I can. In Debian BTS you
   may find several dozens of bugs reported by me, many comments on other
   bugs, and some patches of course.

   Last winter I bought and Ipaq handheld, and installed Linux there. While
   setting up cross-compilation environment, I was disapponted with the state
   of cross-compilation in Debain, and did some work to improve it.
   Currently I am de-facto maintainer of dpkg-cross package (I had to rewrite
   most of it to make it work). Dpkg-cross CVS repository is at alioth, I put
   my code (as well as code by other people that I review) to CVS, and
   official dpkg-cross maintainer (David Schleef <ds@debian.org>) uploads it.
   I send all cross-gcc related patches to Matthias Klose (debian gcc                                                                              
   maintainer); most patches are already applied.
   My patch for binutils debian package to build cross-binutils debs is in
   #231707; I try to keep it up-to-date there. Unfortunately debian binutils
   maintainer currently refuses to communicate about inclusion of the patch
   in the package.

   In addition to cross-toolachain related work, I also have packages EtPan
   mail library (http://libetpan.sf.net/; ITP is at #250660). I needed that
   library while playing with my Ipaq, and it was not available in Debain.
   Currently packages are ready, and I am in process of communication with
   Gerfried Fuchs <alfie@ist.org> about sponsoring the upload.

   In future I'm goind to continue my cross-toolchain related work, and
   continue to do random bug-fixing and QA work. Also, I probably will
   package some libraries and tools that we use at the university. Pathan
   library (http://software.decisionsoft.com/pathanIntro.html) is a good
   candidate to become my next package.

   My most notable non-debian free software projects are MLGroups
   (http://zigzag.lvk.cs.msu.su/leafnode) and SmartMedia driver

   Since I spend lots of time doing debian-related work, I believe it would be
   fair if I become a DD.


   Searching Google for him does mostly reveal technical postings about
   linux(-related) matters.

2. Philosophy and Procedures

   Nikita demonstrated an fair understanding of Debian's Philosophy 
   and Procedures. He answered my Questions about the Social Contract,
   the DFSG, the BTS etc.

3. Tasks and Skills
   Nikita is maintainer of libetpan, dpkg-cross and others.  I did a
   deeper review of those two.  I had some questions about libetpan
   that were answered appropriate.

   He answered my questions regarding T&S successfully.

3a. Advocate questioning

   His advocate Wookey writes:
   Nikita has done excellent work on patching the the Debian gcc and binutils sources
   to build cross-toolchain debs that integrate nicely with the rest of Debian
   painlessly. He has also done a lot of good work on dpkg-cross - the Debian
   cross-build environment tool to fix a load of bugs and make it compatible
   with the Embedded Debian Stag cross-build system. This is valuable work that
   has needed doing for some time. He clearly has excellent technical skills in
   this area, and understands how to work well with other Maintainers and subgroups.
   I also asked other peoples working together with him like Matthias Klose
   (doko), and got positive feedback.

4. Account information

   Preferred account name: yoush
   Address to forward E-Mails to: yoush@cs.msu.su

5. Attachments

   [ Not part of the public report ]
   GPG Key with ID 0xC9132DDB

   Recommendation of the advocate and logs of the discussions with applicant.
   [in text-format and as mbox]

   PGP 1024/89FB5CE5  DC F1 85 6D A6 45 9C 0F  3B BE F1 D0 C5 D1 D9 0C

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