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Possible Split/Change of the NM Templates


Ok, I just did it, i splitted the templates. P&P now has two parts, T&S
three (2 Question and one Package part).

They are not committed to the nm-templates CVS, as now most of the AMs
are using these templates I try to get some input first. :)

Lets start with the assigned mail. I only added a paragraph there. Many
applicants only have one or two signatures on their key, some of them
arent even in the strongest set of gpg keys. Yes, the fulfill the basic
requirements we have, having a sig from a DD, but its still not the best
to have.
The diff is small enough, so I include it right here. It needs a big
hammer of a spell/grammar check, but you should get the basics out of
it. :)

Index: nm_assigned.txt
RCS file: /cvsroot/nm-templates/templates/nm_assigned.txt,v
retrieving revision 1.17
diff -c -u -r1.17 nm_assigned.txt
--- nm_assigned.txt	14 Mar 2004 17:28:27 -0000	1.17
+++ nm_assigned.txt	31 Dec 2004 02:39:38 -0000
@@ -40,6 +40,20 @@
 know and we can discuss it. Usually I can find someone that lives near
 you that would agree to meet you and sign your key.
+Besides the requirement to have a signature from at least one existing
+Debian Developer there is a strong advice to get more signatures on your
+key and to make sure you are in the strong set of keys. Of course noone
+request you to be at the top position in the world-wide Web of Trust,
+but you should try to get at least into the strong set of keys. A site
+to check whats up with your key is
+Enter your keyid in the statistic box and see some stats about it. If it
+complains it can't find your key, and you are sure you have used the
+right ID it means that you are not in the strong set of keys, which is
+not very good. This is not a showstopper for this application, but you
+should try to get more signatures by meeting other people, exchanging
+signatures, etc.
 Please sign all mail to me. It's not that I'm paranoid about security,
 it's just a good habit to get in to, and it shows me that you know

This is a thing every AM should check and talk to the NM if he is not in
the strong set / has too few signatures (< 10 to say a number).

Now go to P&P. I splitted that in two parts. Its an easy split, just cut
it at the position where it starts talking about the dev-ref, add some
glue-text, voila, you are there. You can see the results in nm_pp1.txt
and nm_pp2.txt at http://ganneff.de/nm/
In the nm_pp1.txt I added 4 URLs - I ask the NMs to read these
documents, so I should have pointers there. The rest is completly moved
to the second file.
Also this first P&P mail is the only mail that one should insist on
having the NM sign it. It doesnt hurt if all mails are signed, shows
that the applicant knows how to sign mails with his mailer, but we
always required the two question at the bottom there to be signed...

nm_pp2.txt is just the missing half of the questions, with a little
introduction added. A, and the numbering changed, of course. :)

Thats it for P&P, now go to T&S.
Thats splitted in two question sets and one package check. I statically
added a paragraph about dak.ganneff.de (you surely remember my mails
From  few days ago? :) ), every AM that wants to use this simply sends
me the KeyID of the NM, he gets an account then. (Sent me your own keyid
if you want an account for yourself). Address for that is

That paragraph gives a small introduction to the dak.ganneff.de thing
and points to the dak.txt I prepared. At the moment Im not sure if its
better to mail that one to the applicants or to just point them to a web
location of it. I tend to the last one, as it doesnt need to be included
in maillogs, can easier be changed If we move the service to a more
official sounding one, etc. pp. Opinions?
Or do you all remove that paragraph? :)

After that its all "added glue" for the split. I splitted at a random
position, after nearly half the questions.

nm_ts2.txt has a starting paragraph added, here I especially want input
From anyone speaking english better than I do (ie 95% of the world :) ).
The thing i want to say in the sentence starting with "All questions
are..." is just that there is no problem if one needs to ask for hints
(as long as its not a really stupid question). I hope my formulation
doesnt make people angry or something..

Nice, we finished with the first half of the T&S Question set. Let's go
on with the second half, which contains additional stuff I want to know
From you. All questions are solveable with a bit of thinking mixed
with google, so I simply expect you can answer all of them. But before
you die over one of it - come back and talk with me, I can give you some
hints. After all, the process should enhance your knowledge and should
not make your life to tough?

Ok, thats it for now, its late enough (04:00 AM, CET)!
Lets sleep a bit and wait for flames about this. :)

bye Joerg
<towo> "Das Internet, jetzt auf 47 DVDs - oder auf 2 CDs in der jugenfreien Fassung"?

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