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AM report for Thaddeus H. Black <t@b-tk.org>

Report for new developer applicant Thaddeus H. Black <t@b-tk.org>:

   Thaddeus' key (KeyID 1024D/38015E7E) has been signed by the Debian Developer
   David I. Lehn:

   pub  1024D/38015E7E 2003-09-18 Thaddeus H. Black <t@b-tk.org>
   sig 2       1A3B48DE 2003-10-02   David I. Lehn <dlehn@lehn.org>
   sig 3       38015E7E 2003-09-18   Thaddeus H. Black <t@b-tk.org>
   sub  1024g/578EDD98 2003-09-18
   sig         38015E7E 2003-09-18   Thaddeus H. Black <t@b-tk.org>

   Thaddeus writes: 

   I am married eight years and have two small sons.  Presently I am pursuing a
   Ph.D. in electrical engineering at Virginia Tech which I mean to complete
   May 2007.  My professional background prior to starting doctoral work is in
   the construction business.  If my age interests you, I was born in Arizona
   in 1967, which makes me thirty-six at the time of this writing.

   Technology fascinates me.  It always has.  Who can say why?  Perhaps
   like you, I have been a gear-head since the early days.  Most kinds of
   technology interest me, but most especially bridges, electronics and

   Debian software packaging as such---by which I mean the packaging for Debian
   of non-Debian software created by others---is admittedly not my chief
   interest.  While there do exist one or two pieces of software not yet
   packaged for Debian which I might eventually package if DFSG-compliant
   licensing could be negotiated with the upstream authors, Debian thankfully
   already enjoys a vast number of software packages; it is not really my
   intent to add many to the number.  My chief interest is in documenting the
   existing system.  Documentation is my chief purpose.  The package `debram'
   serves this purpose, as you will observe when the time comes for you to
   review it.

   After the `debram', which indexes thousands of Debian packages by
   function, my future intentions include

  * a proper free C-language reference manual and tutorial
    (now 20 % complete).

  * an extension of the C manual and tutorial to cover C++
    (now 0 % complete)

  * an appendix to the C tutorial introducing relevant
    assembly-language concepts, concepts without which C is hard to
    understand deeply (now 2 % complete), and

  * a proper free manual on the PostScript page-description language
    (now 1 % complete).

  These will keep me busy in my spare time for some years, nor do I
  claim that I will be able to finish them all; but I can finish some,
  and the `debram' with full coverage through woody is 100 % ready for
  use now, with full sarge coverage on schedule to be added January

Philosophy and Procedures
   Thaddeus has a good understanding of Debians Philosophy and
   Procedures. He answered all my questions about Social Contract,
   DFSG, BTS, etc. without problems and has a decent understanding of
   software license issues.

Tasks and Skills
   Thaddeus answered my T&S questions and solved practical exercises
   (fixing RC bug, NMU'ing it, writing some scripts, fixing a hypothetical
   package) in a very good way. He learned very fast, answers questions
   thoroughly and with dedication, and handled a few bugs in his package fast
   and well.

   He currently maintains the package 'debram', a categorization and
   documentation of all packages in Sarge.

   I recommend to accept him as a Debian Developer.

Martin Pitt                       http://www.piware.de
Ubuntu Developer            http://www.ubuntulinux.org
Debian GNU/Linux Developer       http://www.debian.org

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