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AM Report for Igor Stroh <stroh@scan-plus.de>

Report for applicant Igor Stroh <stroh@scan-plus.de>

Summary: I recommend that Debian accept Igor's application.

pub  1024D/FDA6B6A9 2002-05-09 Igor Stroh (jenner) <stroh@scan-plus.de>
sig!        7C9DBD37 2002-05-09   D. Hirt (ScanPlus, NOC, UL, BW, FRG) <hirt@scan-plus.de>
sig!        51CF8417 2002-05-09   Joerg Wendland <jorgland@sol.wh-hms.uni-ulm.de>
sig!        62FD5700 2002-05-09   Dieter Hirt (Neu-Ulm, BY, FRG) <dh-mobil@ppit.de>
sig!        CA30BA11 2002-09-17   Daniel Gruendler <dg@ethx.de>
sig!        D3D75ECC 2002-09-26   Matthias Lembcke <lembcke@scan-plus.de>
sig!3       FDA6B6A9 2002-05-09   Igor Stroh (jenner) <stroh@scan-plus.de>
sig!3       FDA6B6A9 2003-08-28   Igor Stroh (jenner) <stroh@scan-plus.de>

Igor's key is signed by Joerg Wendland, ID check is passed.  I've
encouraged him to see about getting other sigs to bolster his connection
to the WoT.

Igor writes about himself:
First some boring facts:
Date of birth:          12.12.1976
Gender:                 male
Place of residence:     Ulm (Germany)
Occupation:             part-time-[student|software-developer]

I came to Linux about five years ago, as I applied for my job as
software developer/network administrator for a local IT-company. During
the first year I was forced to learn Linux. After some time I realized
there is Debian and since then, I never used any other Linux
distribution (or any other OS actually) :) Having profited from Debian
so much, I thought I should contribute some of my spare time to the
community by maintaining several packages and also packaging and
releasing the stuff I wrote myself[1].
My language of choice is python. Therefore, I spend the most time
writing products for Zope or python scripts for our customers.
Last but not least, about two years ago I helped translating parts of
Debian BTS into german[2]. I gave up after a month because of lack of
time (had to concentrate on my studies).

Philosophy & Procedures
Igor has shown that he understands and agrees with the Debian Social
Contract, DFSG and the DMUP.  He has agreed to abide by them.  Igor
did a good job answering all of my questions from version 1.21 of 
nm_pp.txt as well as my follow-up questions.

Tasks & Skills
Igor has done an excellent job with his squishdot package.  Igor also 
was able to answer my T&S questions without too much difficulty.  He 
accepted my critque of his package gratefully and improved it following
that discussion.  He's also been very patient with myself throughout the
whole process.

Igor is an excellent candidate.  His package is well maintained and kept
in good order.  He's been very patient and understanding with me 
throughout this process.  I look forward to the further contributions 
which Igor will make to Debian.

	Stephen Frost
	Application Manager

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