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AM Summary for Thomas Viehmann

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Thomas' key is: 70BE 71A7 6EFF DE9D E087  F1EB AE26 6969  (A21A D4F9)

dsilvers@stupor:~$ gpg --check-sigs vieh
pub  1024D/A21AD4F9 2002-03-25 Thomas Viehmann <tv@beamnet.de>
sig!3       BD8B050D 2003-02-03   Roland Rosenfeld <roland@debian.org>
sig!3       A21AD4F9 2002-03-25   Thomas Viehmann <tv@beamnet.de>
sig!3       A21AD4F9 2002-03-25   Thomas Viehmann <tv@beamnet.de>
sub  2048g/7811A4B1 2002-03-25
sig!        A21AD4F9 2002-03-25   Thomas Viehmann <tv@beamnet.de>

Thomas' key is signed by Roland Rosenfeld (at least)

Thomas writes (somewhat verbosely):

Personal Bio:

~ I learned to program at about the same time I learned to read and
~ write. After school I enrolled for the computer science program at
~ the University of Bonn (Germany). Over the time I realized to prefer
~ math, an completed a degree (Diplom) in mathematics. I'm currently
~ studying for a Ph.D. in geometric analysis. I speak German, English,
~ French, and some Spanish, but have not been in any Spanish-speaking
~ countries yet.

Software stuff:

~ Programming has been a hobby for quite a while. I used to run a BBS
~ system (in fido net), I guess the idea of sharing information is
~ somewhat natural to me. I sold computers and taught programming
~ classes while in high school and college, now that I have the
~ opportunity to do math for a living, programming is again a hobby.

~ My first GNU/Linux had been on a cd by Yggdrasil. Over the years,
~ I have come to value free software for its quality and the
~ opportunity to adapt it to my needs. I have the annoying habit of
~ wasting my time to fix shortcomings I see when working around them
~ would be much simpler.


~ I have been using Debian for about five years (at the time of
~ writing, February 2004). Eventually, I found a lack of home banking
~ software and decided to fill that gap. Later on, I started helping
~ out with dput when Christian Kurz looked for comaintainers one year
~ ago. More recently, I adopted phpgroupware which I use and which
~ needed help.

~ So basically, I try to make Debian more useful to me and help out
~ when I have something useful to contribute.
~ In my opinion, volunteers basically contribute time, skill, and
~ experience. Debian seems to be a project where I can contribute
~ without having the great welth of experience of life required for
~ other projects.

Thomas' advocate (Christian Kurz <shorty@debian.org>) writes:

I've been working with Thomas Viehmann for now more then half a year
on the package dput (which I maintained alone in the past). I've also
sponsored some of his packages. So far all those packages have been of
a good quality and I couldn't find any packaging mistakes. Concerning
dput, he has proven to me that he's a good programmer by contributing
numerous patches that I gladly accepted. After asking him about
becoming co-author and co-maintainer, he helped me a lot with
answering bug reports or writing patches for real bugs. It was so far
a pleasure for me to work with Thomas and I'll believe that he'll be
good member of Debian and contribute more helpful code, packages and
bugfixes (for his and other packages).

Philosophy and procedures

Thomas demonstrated a thorough knowledge and understanding of the
philosophies and procedures of Debian. He answered questions fully;
and when asked he expanded upon various of his opinions in a fluent
and cogent manner.

Tasks and skills

Thomas had already demonstrated his ability and dedication to the
sorts of activities common to package maintainance in Debian; but his
answers demonstrated a thorough grounding in research and learning
also. I am quite satisfied with Thomas' abilities in this area.


It is with pleasure that I unreservedly recommend Thomas to the DAM
for inclusion in the project.

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