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Re: Experiences of being an AM

Andreas Barth <aba@not.so.argh.org> writes:

> | N. Have you ever written a man page? If so, please tell me which. If not,
> |    please take a look at http://qa.debian.org/man-pages.html and
> |    choose a package listed there. Then please write a man page for it,
> |    submit it to the BTS and tell me the bug number for it please.
> Reason: If someone has already written a man page, it's ok of course.

That one is now in my templates modified. Thx.

> This question
> | O. What are maintainer scripts? What arguments does each get?
> |    What is the meaning of the arguments? What can each of them
> |    assume about the system?
> has received some (IMHO fair) critics that just more or less copying
> the specific policy section cannot be too useful. So, I intend to
> change it to something like:
> | O. What are maintainer scripts? What are the major operation modes?
> |    What can each of them assume about the system? Where can you
> |    get more information about them?

Hmm. Sounds good to.
But Brian had a good suggestion there too, maybe one can combine that?

> I doubt the value of these questions
> | W. Fundamental runtime linker knowledge:
> for the NM process. This is a highly difficult thing, and there is
> even no consensus in Debian what's the recommended way of operation
> is. IMHO, it might be better to hint the applicants to e.g. the paper
> of Ulrich Drepper, and e.g. ask them how they deal if upstream changes
> to often the name of libraries.

Well. As everyone is able to package libs, and you cant be sure if the
NM wont do it in the future, basic understanding should be there.
We had way to many breakages.
Yes, maybe the question can be made better, but something in this
direction should stay IMO.

As always: If you use my templates and modify them in some way - I
always like patches to them. :)

bye Joerg
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