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AM Report for Mattia Dongili

Report for new developer applicant Mattia Dongili <dongili@supereva.it>.

Summary: Accept

1. Identification & Background
Check with key ID EA2D2C41:

ID Check passed, key signed by developer Benjamin (Mako) Hill.

Output for keycheck.sh EA2D2C41:

  Receiving and checking key
  pub  1024D/EA2D2C41 2003-06-25 Mattia Dongili (ma.d.) <dongili@supereva.it>
       Key fingerprint = 058E 0BBC 57E7 F034 7957  9D31 8294 4F68 EA2D 2C41
  sig!2       607559E6 2003-11-30   Benjamin Hill (Mako) <mako@debian.org>
  sig!3       7582C21A 2003-06-28   Marco Presi (Zufus) <zufus@debian.org>
  sig!3       EA2D2C41 2003-06-25   Mattia Dongili (ma.d.) <dongili@supereva.it>
  sig!3       EA2D2C41 2003-06-25   Mattia Dongili (ma.d.) <dongili@supereva.it>
  sub  2048g/3F4E5055 2003-06-25
  sig!        EA2D2C41 2003-06-25   Mattia Dongili (ma.d.) <dongili@supereva.it>

  1 signature not checked due to a missing key
  Let's test if its a version 4 or greater key
  Key is ok

Mattia Dongili writes:

  I'm a quite experienced developer (IMO :)), and I'd like to help
  debian development mainly. I've already packaged my own software and
  I'm going to package a 3rd party sw at the moment. I'd like to go on
  packaging and I will adopt some orphaned package soon. If my spare
  time will grow I'd also like to put my efforts helping some bigger
  debian project.  Well... How this fits the SC... Seems obvious, I'll
  try to explain: I want Debian to grow, to be used more and more in
  many different areas, I can help for what my experience in some of
  those areas. Being used means users are to happy with Debian. Other
  than that, I absolutely agree Debian has to stay free, I 'm convinced
  about the fact that the progress is absolutely related to knowledge
  sharing, in software development this means publicly available code
  and expecially ideas, algorithms...
  I start using linux at the University in Verona, Italy, in 1994/5
  without being aware of the FS/OS. A couple of years later when I had
  my first home computer I had the possibility to better understand what
  GNU/Linux is. Again, I think this obvious in scientific communities to
  share one's knowledge.  I want to volunteer to give my contribution in
  a shared environment. I chose Debian because it meets my ideas and we
  are going the same direction.

Random google findings:

* Mattia is the upstream developer for cpufreqd:

* Active on the kernelnewbies mailing list

* Active on the linux-kernel mailing list

* Real development on debian-devel (a novelty!):


2. Philosophy and Procedures
Mattia has an adequate understanding of Debian's philosophy and
procedures.  He provided acceptable answers to all questions about the
Social Contract, DFSG, and other Debianisms.

3. Tasks and Skills
Mattia is the maintainer of:

  cpufreqd (sponsored by Marco Presi (zufus))
  xfree86-driver-synaptics (sponsored by Brian Nelson (pyro))

Mattia also did a very nice job answering the T&S questions.

4. Recommendation
I recommend Mattia as a Debian developer.
Account: malattia
Forward-Email: dongili@supereva.it

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