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Re: Task and Skills messages

On Mon, Mar 15, 2004 at 04:37:07PM -0500, Duncan Findlay wrote:
> I'd say a few of the template questions are harder than is necessary
> to ensure that an NM candidate is competent. For example, the big long
> question on linking:

Nice questions.  That would absolutely screw an applicant who hacks Python
or PHP all day.  But I'd hope that anyone who maintains C libraries in
Debian could answer them after a bit of a look around - that stuff comes up
way too often for any serious library maintainer to not know it.

In other words, customise.  If your applicant should know that stuff (IYO),
then ask them.  If not, don't.  Maybe throw in the odd difficult one just to
see how they react.  Poke them with sticks if necessary.

Of course, as I'm "the littlest AM" at the moment, I should *probably* shut
up, but I've got this nasty habit of needing to speak my mind sometimes...

- Matt

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