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Re: Task and Skills messages

Hi Jamin!

On 2004-03-15 12:29 -0700, Jamin W. Collins wrote:
> In preparing my T&S e-mail for Maz Vozeler, I noticed that some of the
> items in the template go into much more detail than the questions on my
> own T&S e-mail during my processing.  

I also altered some T&S question and also created new ones for the
applicants I process. It may be more effort but they actually thanked
me for that because it 1) prepares them better for the "tough reality"
:-) and 2) may show the Comitee and DAM better that the applicant is

> While I understand that a good deal of what is asked and what isn't
> is currently up to the AM to decide, would it not be better to
> standardize a bit on what is and isn't asked?  

IMHO the templates can be regarded as an inofficial standard; tests
should not be weaker than them; however, I don't think that a little
freedom on the AM's side hurts. E.g.  Martin Michlmayr said that he
won't put my additional tasks (package correction, RC bug fixing,
writing actual manpage for a program that does not already have one,
and applicant-specific ones) into the official templates; however, he
appreciates them.

> I somewhat ashamed to say that I don't know if I could answer some
> of the questions on the template without research.

Me neither. Although I did e. g. the bad licences stuff a handful of
times now, I always forget some clumsy details. Also I don't know by
heart the nifty details of Emacs mode creation. But personally I'm not
ashamed of that. I would be ashamed if I could not answer the
questions/solve the excercises at all, but life is about "knowing
where it is written", isn't it?

Have a nice day!


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