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Re: Ping for DAM, DAM is MIA? Mail alias broken?

Andreas Barth <aba@not.so.argh.org> writes:

> * Jamin W. Collins (jcollins@asgardsrealm.net) [030825 17:19]:
> > I'm pretty sure Goswin already knows that he's not the only one waiting.
> > The point is that DAM has been extremely unresponsive to queries
> > regarding the lack of movement/processing of those awaiting DAM approval
> > in the NM queue.  As such, this is (IMHO) pertinent to both the -devel
> > and -newmaint lists.
> As the situation is I interpret Goswins mail as a cry for help. A cry
> for help is often disturbing, but not pertinent. It seems to me that
> Goswin really doesn't know what to do to at least get wise why his
> application is not getting farther. According to his status page he
> sits in this situation since 2000-01-27, and that's really far too
> long.

The numbers in the DB are not accurate. They didn't get reset or
updated on my second run through the NM process. So although I have
been trying to become a DD for over 5 years now on and off I have "only"
been waiting (again) for the DAM this year.


PS: and yes, this is a cry for help and to get it on public record.
Next time somone complains he has some reference to use as arguments.

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