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Re: Ping for DAM, DAM is MIA? Mail alias broken?

* Jamin W. Collins (jcollins@asgardsrealm.net) [030825 17:19]:
> I'm pretty sure Goswin already knows that he's not the only one waiting.
> The point is that DAM has been extremely unresponsive to queries
> regarding the lack of movement/processing of those awaiting DAM approval
> in the NM queue.  As such, this is (IMHO) pertinent to both the -devel
> and -newmaint lists.

As the situation is I interpret Goswins mail as a cry for help. A cry
for help is often disturbing, but not pertinent. It seems to me that
Goswin really doesn't know what to do to at least get wise why his
application is not getting farther. According to his status page he
sits in this situation since 2000-01-27, and that's really far too

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