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Re: New version of nm-step2

On Thu, Aug 07, 2003 at 05:17:22AM +0200, Osamu Aoki wrote:
> On Wed, Aug 06, 2003 at 09:46:22PM +0200, Frank Lichtenheld wrote:
> > Some time ago I wrote a new version of the devel/join/nm-step2 page.
> > After asking for a first feedback I've forgotten this.
> See http://lists.debian.org/debian-www/2003/debian-www-200308/msg00065.html
> >       <li>
> > 	<p>The applicant can provide a digital image of an ID signed
> > 	  with his GPG key. This image should be send to his 
> > 	  <a href="newmaint#AppMan">Application Manager (AM)</a>.</p>
> As I have read debian-newmaint@lists.debian.org, there were strong
> opposition to this type of prone to abuse GPG signing procedure. If we
> keep this alternative GPG verification method in updated nm-step2 page,
> we may want to change this something like:


I, for one, would rather not have this presented here, but instead
leave it to the AM to decide whether to suggest it to an applicant or
not. I've had one or two applicants who should have waited before
applying, until they had an opportunity to get their keys signed.

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