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Re: Work-needing packages report for Jul 11, 2003

Martin Pitt wrote:
> But IMHO it does make sense to have NMs to prove that they are able to
> improve the existing Debian system, not only to make it grow by adding
> new packages; otherwise, the whole distribution would get worse and
> worse over time. IMHO it is more important to maintain a high-quality,
> but smaller distribution than having a giant one which is in bad
> shape.

I think that this over-generalization is wrong.

I strongly believe that some new packages (e.g. mine), which add a unique and
requested function to Debian (here enabling chipcard based homebanking) are a
much better enhancement to Debian than adopting some old ones (e.g. xtrojka -
cf. Joey Hess' post to the "sister thread" on Debian).



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