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Re: How to change my e-mail in NM page?

ivan-debian-newmaint@420.am <ivan-debian-newmaint@420.am> wrote:
> The current situation is unreasonable to the point of being ludicrous,
> and unfair to our applicants.

Digging around in debian-project from Oct 1999 onwards, it seems that
the previous situation was even more unreasonable, with no new maints
being accepted.  The list archive seems to start in Aug 2001 and the
first complaint about time appears in December.

What I didn't find, was the delegation of powers to DAM.  Anyone know
where that is?  That should say whether DAM is meant to be the gatekeeper,
or an auditor for the NM process.  I suspect the latter, which means that
the name isn't entirely accurate.

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