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Re: How to change my e-mail in NM page?

On Fri, Jun 27, 2003 at 08:33:35AM -0000, MJ Ray wrote:
> ivan-debian-newmaint@420.am <ivan-debian-newmaint@420.am> wrote:
> > Please appoint additional DAMs, as the current one is not carrying out
> > the duties of that office in a reasonable timeframe.
> Alternatively, if the problem is that DAM is not getting the information
> from AMs that is required,

If that (or anything else) is a problem, then it needs to be explicitly
_communicated_ by the current DAM, not implied by silence for us to
guess while our applicants wait for months on end.

I joined an organization which purports to be transparent and democratic
in its decision-making.  Evaluating the quality of applications should
be done transparently, openly and democraticly, not in silence by a
single individual.  The DAM role should be limited to _administering
accounts_, not evaluating applications.

If additional checks and balances beyond those carried out by AMs are
desired, we should articulate them so we can make them part of the NM

The current situation is unreasonable to the point of being ludicrous,
and unfair to our applicants.


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