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AM report for Berin Lautenbach <berin@ozemail.com.au>

Report for new developer applicant: Berin Lautenbach <berin@ozemail.com.au>

Summary: Accept

1. Background

Berin writes:

> Have tried to keep this short - so let me know if you need more
> details.
> My day job is in computer security.  Have covered a number of areas
> including administering large scale firewall installations, ITSEC
> evaluation and consultation in computer security and IT Risk
> Management. ~ Currently working in IT Risk Management for one of the
> banks in Australia.
> I first got involved in public domain software (prior to Open Source)
> about 12 years ago when I was running a BBS in Canberra.  The BBS was
> mainly devoted to programming, and I wrote a number of packages for
> Sysops that became used around the world.  (Yabom - for mail
> management, and Yatic for file distribution management.)
> My introduction to Linux was about 8 years ago with Slackware.  Have
> played with linux on and off over the years, but the bulk of my UNIX
> experience is with SunOS and Solaris.  Have heavily used Open Source
> software just in general support of Solaris systems (Apache, SSL, SSH,
> OpenSSH, Tripwire, MRTG, etc. etc. etc.)
> More recently, I started getting back into the development side of
> Open Source when I started getting more into business style consulting in
> security.  Wanted to keep the technical side of things going, so
> started looking at XML and the various emerging security standards.
> Needed a linux distribution to work on at home, and discovered
> Debian.  Liked it a lot, but it didn't have some of the libraries I
> used up to date.  So started looking at what I could do to get them
> packaged.  Found myself really enjoying it, so thought maybe there
> was more I could do there.
> What do I want to do?  My real skillset lies in security.  I have a
> feeling that that area is very well covered off, but one never knows.
> I've also done a bit in the programming area over time (currently
> working on the Apache XML-Security-C library implementing the W3C
> security standards).  I think I can contribute in a number of areas on
> both fronts.  Also done a fair bit on general system admin over time.
> Why do I want to volunteer my time?  First and foremost, I get a real
> kick out of making things work.  If I can do something useful to
> others at the same time then why not?  Secondly - I have used a relied on
> Open Source software over the course of my career.  It's helped me out
> inumerable times.  Again - maybe something I do can help someone else
> out similarly.  
> Finally - I honestly believe it's the best way to give people choice.
> A healthy, vibrant Open Source community will make sure that whatever
> commercial software is out there will always have competition.  And
> that's what makes the computer industry change and evolve.

2. Identification

Berin's key is signed by Ben Burton <bab@debian.org>

pub  1024D/609CD2C0 2003-01-04 Berin Lautenbach <berin@ozemail.com.au>
sig!3       36B861C1 2003-02-27   Ben Burton <bab@debian.org>
sig!3       609CD2C0 2003-01-04   Berin Lautenbach <berin@ozemail.com.au>
uid                            Berin Lautenbach (Private Use Key) <berin@ozemail.com.au>
sig!3       36B861C1 2003-02-27   Ben Burton <bab@debian.org>
sig!3       609CD2C0 2003-01-04   Berin Lautenbach <berin@ozemail.com.au>
sub  1024g/8A4BF438 2003-01-04
sig!        609CD2C0 2003-01-04   Berin Lautenbach <berin@ozemail.com.au>

3. Philosophy and Procedures

Berin understands the Social Contract and the DFSG, agrees to abide by
the DMUP, and answered all my P&P questions on the first try with
extrememely knowledgable and comprehensive answers.

4. Tasks and Skills

Berin maintains the multi-binary `xalan' package in the archive
(libapache-mod-xslt, libxalan1.2, libxalan1.2-dev, libxalan14,
libxalan14-dev, libxalan14-doc, xalan).


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