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Re: Binary builders needed?

Hi Sean,

 I'm Cc:ing you in case you are not subscribed to -newmaint.

On Mon, Mar 10, 2003 at 04:24:23AM -0700, Sean P. Horan wrote:

 > I've produced and will be producing numerous sid sparc binaries which
 > for all I know don't exist anywhere, thus my reason for building
 > them.

 You might want to contact debian-ports@lists.debian.org and take a look
 at http://buildd.debian.org/.  According to that page there are no
 sparc packages that need building.  In general Sparc, along with
 PowerPC, is the most up-to-date port, second only to i386.  There are a
 couple of fast machines for that task.

 > I also have an R4400/175 SGI Indy, that depending on what I want to
 > do with it might be available for the same purpose.

 MIPS might need more help.  You should ask in the -ports list or the
 -mips one.


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