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Binary builders needed?


While getting an old sparcstation5/110 going with Debian, I noticed many
packages are not available for debian/sparc and have been compiling
packages from source left and right to turn the dinosaur into a KDE

I've produced and will be producing numerous sid sparc binaries which for
all I know don't exist anywhere, thus my reason for building them.

I would like to know if being a Debian developer would be the best way to
share these binaries with the outside world, or if there's other
alternative avenues I should pursue instead of becoming a Debian

I would have no qualms about cutting accounts and sharing root access to
this machine for trusted developers who would like to use its albeit
limited CPU power to build binaries required for a complete debian/sparc

I also have an R4400/175 SGI Indy, that depending on what I want to do
with it might be available for the same purpose.

Both machines are hosted at home on a reasonably fast cable modem
connection, with ssh and other ports open.

Thank you for your assistance, and I look forward to contributing back to
the distribution I've been using for four years now.


Sean P. Horan
Chandler, AZ

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