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Re: Trouble becoming a member

At 22:50 +0200 9/18/02, Arvid Warnecke wrote:
>I already spoke to that guy from Wernigerode. He has no car either. So I
>have to travel there by bus. Maybe I will do so in the next weeks. I was
>just wondering if it really isn't okay to use photo ID, because I heard
>that. If that would have been possible there would have been no need to
>go to Wernigerode.
>So, Wernigerode or Goettingen, then...

It is good to read that the escape route to a picture ID is not needed.

Combine the keyslipexchange and passport check (signing is done at home )
with the good things of live. I remember my keysigning
as a plesant evening with a fine meal. I hope that when this new developer
comes to the web of trust, the assured contact with an other DD, that it will
also be remembered as a good encounter.

When both of you doesn't have to drive, it could be a nice saturday afternoon.
There is no harm in posting your keysigning plans a German debian mailinglist.

Have fun.

Geert St

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