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AM report for Jon Bernard

Report for new developer applicant Jon Bernard <jbernard@roanoke.edu>

1. Identification & Background

Check with key-id 5912C27E:

ID check passed; key signed by 1 current developer.

$ gpg --fingerprint 5912C27E
pub  1024D/5912C27E 2002-02-28 Jon Bernard (www.tuxion.com) <fenrir@tuxion.com>
     Key fingerprint = D966 CBDB 8E29 75D0 2B1F  1633 C004 F603 5912 C27E
uid                            Jon Bernard <jbernard@roanoke.edu>
sub  2048g/F0CCF97D 2002-02-28

$ gpg --list-sigs 5912C27E
pub  1024D/5912C27E 2002-02-28 Jon Bernard (www.tuxion.com) <fenrir@tuxion.com>
sig 3       5912C27E 2002-02-28   Jon Bernard (www.tuxion.com) <fenrir@tuxion.com>
sig         E34938C7 2002-07-29   Michael D. Ivey <ivey@debian.org>
uid                            Jon Bernard <jbernard@roanoke.edu>
sig 3       5912C27E 2002-02-28   Jon Bernard (www.tuxion.com) <fenrir@tuxion.com>
sig         E34938C7 2002-07-29   Michael D. Ivey <ivey@debian.org>
sub  2048g/F0CCF97D 2002-02-28
sig         5912C27E 2002-02-28   Jon Bernard (www.tuxion.com) <fenrir@tuxion.com>

Jon says:
Well, my name is Jon Bernard. I live in Blacksburg Virginia. I am a CS
Graduate student at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State
University (VA Tech). I started using GNU/Linux as an undergraduate cs
student.  My story is probably similar to many, free software seemed
to make perfect sense to me. I decided to learn as much as I could and
write as much free software as possible. I really want to see free
software succeed and be widely distributed and used. To that end, I
decided to become a debian developer so that I could help lift Debian
to a new level of free software excellence. As a developer, I intend
to maintain the packages that I currenly have, package software that
isn't included in debian yet, write new free software, and be a
substantial advocate for free software and the debian project. This
fits in directly with The Social Contract.

His advocate, Martin Michlmayr <ljlane@debian.org> says:
I have been in contact with Jon Bernard for a couple of months now,
working on details of assuming maintainer duties for a few Debian
packages. Jon shows excellent understanding of the policies, technical
requirements and challenges involved in maintaining Debian packages
and upstream source. He is amicable and eager to become a Debian
developer. I am currently sponsoring packages for Jon and I believe he
will be an excellent addition to the Debian developer community.

2. Philosophy and Procedures

Jon ultimately answered all of my questions correctly, and shows
insight into the DFSG and Social Contract. He understands the BTS and
other procedures involved. He promised to keep to the DMUP.

3. Tasks and Skills

Jon looks after e16keyedit and e16menuedit, both of which he has taken
over from his advocate, who now sponsors the upload of these
packages. After a few iterations and a trial non-debhelper version of
e16keyedit, we came to a clean pair of packages. I feel Jon has the
skill-set to do the packaging tasks he sets out for himself.

4. Recommendation

I recommend that Jon be made a Debian Developer.
Account-name: jbernard
Debian-private forward: jbernard@roanoke.edu

Andrew Stribblehill <ads@debian.org>
Systems programmer, IT Service, University of Durham, England

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