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AM report for Mark Howard


report for new maintainer applicant Mark Howard follows:

2. Identification & Background

Mark's application is advocated by Simon Richter <sjr@debian.org>.

Simon writes:

--- snip ---
I believe Mark is ready to become a Debian developer; his first packages
are in good shape and he is very responsive to bug reports and my
sponsor feedback, which he didn't blindly follow (another plus :-) ). He
seems a bit afraid of breaking stuff when adapting example scripts and
so leaves a few inefficiencies and lots of commented-out code; this
doesn't affect the overall functionality though.

Currently he maintains gtkballs, a Gtk+ game (which was RFPed) and
greenwich, a Gtk-Perl whois client.


Mark writes:
--- snip ---
I have used open source software for many years and even created a few
of my own open source programs. I have now progressed to work on larger
open source programs and become more active in terms of activities such
as reporting bugs. I enjoy working on these types of things.
I believe that everyone should be given a choice in what software they
use and not be pushed around by large corporate companies. There are
many people and many projects working on open source solutions to make
this possible. Of these, Debian has the most well though out objectives
and is not motivated by big companies. Also, of the Linux distributions,
Debian seems to be the one which makes the important changes which
affect everyone - agreeing on standard filesystem structures, moving to
a consistent menu system, and of course contributing with bug fixes.
Since the woody release, it is quite clear how Debian pays far more
attention to quality than other distributions - they have had software
in stable releases for months which Debian has recently found many
security problems in since Debian declared them stable.
I have good knowledge of Linux and computers in general, therefore I can
gain the ability to help open source software, which is what I want to
do. Becoming a Debian developer seems like one of the best ways to do
this. Not only will I be using my skills in the packaging and bug
reporting, but I will also be getting involved with the open source
community by constantly communicating between the various bug reporters,
package maintainers and upstream developers.
My initial aims for Debian will be to gain a greater insight into how
everything works - I will work on a number of simpler packages as I have
been doing. Then I hope to move on larger packages (for example, I am
currently working upstream on a gtk framework for java, which will be a
major boost to the credibility of java in the open source world), and
hopefully make a larger contribution to the open source community.
--- snap ---

Mark provides a GnuPG Key which is signed by 1 debian developer,
namely Patrick Caulfield:

Output of gpg --check-sigs 966FBA3C:

pub  1024D/966FBA3C 2002-07-02 Mark Howard <mh@tildemh.com>
sig!3       966FBA3C 2002-07-02   Mark Howard <mh@tildemh.com>
sig!3       F0B27113 2002-08-30   Patrick Caulfield <patrick@debian.org>
sub  1024g/262C6140 2002-07-02

-> ID check passed

3. Philosophy & Procedures

Mark knows about our Philosophy, has a well understanding of DFSG and
Social Contract and agrees to uphold them.
He furthermore answered my other questions regarding P&P to my

-> P&P passed

4. Tasks & Skills

Mark currently is maintainer of the gtkballs and greenwich packages
which are currently in the Debian archive and of metacity-themes which
is in preparation.

I checked the packages and I did not found much errors. The most were
minor and quickly resolved by the applicant. The one more serious
preventing ftpmaster to ACCEPT metacity-themes was also resolved

He also answered all my questions to him correct without any problems.

-> T&S passed

5. Evaluation & Check-In

I am glad to recommend that Mark be accepted as Debian developer.

Preferred login: mh (or mhoward is mh isn't possible)
@debian.org e-mail forwarded to: debian@tildemh.com


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