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Re: My application process for becoming a debian developer

* Tommy Moore <stp1800@earthlink.net> [2002-09-02 10:58]:
> database says I need to be approved  by the DAM, and then there's not
> anymore entries under my record after that.

There are.  http://nm.debian.org/nmstatus.php?email=stp1800@earthlink.net
says that the DAM is waiting for you to reply to some Philosophy&Procedures
mail he sent you and for you to get your GPG key signed by a local

> About a month ago or so I moved and the e-mail address I once used
> for the application process is not valid anymore so I was wondering
> how I would change the contact info from my old address to the new


> is there any one I can use to pass ot the gpg command line to send
> my updated key to so that others will be able to have my key with my
> new e-mail address?

gpg --keyserver pgp.earth.li --send-key 0xkey_id

Also, you should get a sponsor for your packages.  See
Martin Michlmayr

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