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My application process for becoming a debian developer

Hi guys. I'm not sure if this list is the proper place for me to post
this, but it was the best one from the list of mailing lists to choose

I checked in the debian new maintainer database this morning to see how my
application process was coming along and for the last year or so the
database says I need to be approved  by the DAM, and then there's not
anymore entries under my record after that.

About a month ago or so I moved and the e-mail address I once used for the
application process is not valid anymore so I was wondering how I would
change the contact info from my old address to the new one.
I still have my gpg key so that I can prove that it is really me who's
requesting the e-mail address change in the database if I need to do this.
It has been a long time since I uploaded my key to the pgp key servers so
is there any one I can use to pass ot the gpg command line to send my
updated key to so that others will be able to have my key with my new
e-mail address?
Sorry for so many questions all in one e-mail, just trying to cover as
many bases as I can.

BTW, my AM was Craig Small if he's still doing the AM process.

Thanks for any help you guys may be able to offer.


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