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Re: AM Email Templates

First, thanks for the great work; these look quite useful and I'll
adopt them in my next application.

I do have three comments though:

1) Asking applicants for their account name and email in the same
    sentence doesn't work.  I have yet to see an applicant who didn't
    forget to give me their email address.  Those should be split.

2) The question in the application implies that the applicant is
    interested in working on free software Linux.  While Debian does
    sort of require an interest in free software, why mention Linux in
    that paragraph?  We have hurd and BSD ports and one thing that
    attracts some people to these ports is frustration with Linux.
    No, it doesn't actually matter at all; but the pedant in me would
    like to see Linux removed from that paragraph.

3) I think when asking people to uphold the DFSG and social contract,
    it is only appropriate to do so in the context of their Debian
    work.  I ask something along the lines of "Do you agree to uphold
    the DFSG and Social Contract in your Debian work?"  I certainly
    would not be willing to agree to a blanket acceptance of the DFSG
    and doing so for the SC would be mostly meaningless.


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