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AM summary for Chris Halls


pub  1024D/1997E7CF 2001-12-13 Chris Halls <chris.halls@nikocity.de>
sig!        82EA653E 2002-01-11   Anselm Lingnau <anselm@strathspey.org>


Chris writes about himself:

> I am 28, come from England and live in Frankfurt with my wife who is
> German, have studied Computer Systems Engineering and work as a
> programmer / sysadmin for a small trading company in Frankfurt.  The
> software I write for the company is only used internally and not
> sold or distributed.

Philosophy and procedures

Chris understands Debian's philosophy and agrees with it.

Tasks and skills

Chris has been both maintainer and upstream for apt-proxy for some
time, and (at my request) packaged dmake (part of the openoffice build
system) without using any helper scripts. Both of these seem fine to

He is also involved in the ongoing effort to package openoffice,
although this is way too huge and incomplete to audit at present.


I recommend that Chris be accepted as a Debian maintainer.

Debian login: halls
Forwarding email: chris.halls@gmx.de

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