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AM Report for Will Newton

Report for Will Newton

Identification and Background

Key ID: 244ACFB7

Existing DD, Chris Butler has signed Will's key.

Output from gpg --check-sigs 0x :
pub  1024D/244ACFB7 2001-07-27 Will Newton <will@debian.org>
sig!       244ACFB7 2002-03-21  Will Newton <will@debian.org>
uid                            Will Newton <will@misconception.org.uk>
sig!       D097A261 2001-10-17  Chris Butler <chrisb@crustynet.org.uk>
sig!       244ACFB7 2001-07-27  Will Newton <will@debian.org>
sub  1024g/F3B6B7CB 2001-07-27
sig!       244ACFB7 2001-07-27  Will Newton <will@debian.org>

It seems a little premature that the @d.o email address is already on
the keys but.

Will's been a longtime Amiga user which he used up until a couple
years ago when it was struck by lightning. Finding Windows unfriendly
to programmers, Will began experimenting with GNU/Linux and
RedHat. Eventually frustrated with shortcomings in RedHat, he became
interested in Debian.

Will says:
  I want to become a Debian developer because I care about the
distribution, it almost becomes a religious thing with a lot of
people. :) I want to contribute something back to the people that have
done so much for me, and maybe have some influence in the decision
making behind the distribution I run on all my machines. I think
Debian is pretty unique in giving it's users that opportunity.

Philosophy and Procedures
Will has a strong knowledge of Debian's philosophy and procedures. He
quickly and intelligently answered questions on policy, the DFSG, and
the Social Contract. He demonstrated his familiarity with these
documents by engaging in informed discussions on their contents.

Tasks and Skills
Will has taken over the maintenance of the clisp package. He fixed a
release critical bug and several other bugs in his packages. He comes
very high recommended by Chad Miller who has been sponsoring his clisp

Summary: I recommend that the project accepts Will as a developer.

B. Mako Hill

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