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Re: AM Email Templates

>> Joerg Jaspert <joerg@debian.org> writes:

 > Packages:

        A package that depends on all the packages in the build
        essential list.  It's useful to make sure everything in the list
        is installed on the system when building and testing your own

        Allows you to "install" Debian's base on a given directory
        anywhere on the filesystem.  Combined with a chroot and
        build-essential, this makes for a nice way to have a clean
        environment where you can build your packages.

 (yes, my description of pbuilder is different from yours)

 Websites: [in a more comprehensible format]

            The Developer's Corner.  Contains links and on-line versions
            of the stuff I mentioned before.

            Queries about developers and machines

            The Work Needing and Prospective Packages list.  Sort of a
            big TODO list for Debian packaging stuff: what's orphaned,
            what needs new maintainers, what's being adopted, what's
            being packaged and what would be nice to have packaged.

            The Debian Quality Assurance headquarters.  Help is welcomed!

            Bug related info

            Package related info

            Build status of Debian packages

            Mailing list subscription and archives

 > -private: you'll be subscribed automatically when your new-maintainer
 >           application is accepted; sensitive discussions, flamewars
 >           etc.  You can unsubscribe if you wish.

 I actually tell people they must subscribe (the DAM subscribes them to
 -private when they become maintainers, doesn't he?)

 > -policy:  where possible changes to debian-policy are discussed

 Mention -mentors, too.

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