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Re: AM Email Templates

Hi there!

Here is my second comment, this time, about the templates themselves.

>  - Do you know what 'lintian' is?  Why is it useful?

Instead of this question, I used to ask this:

(B) How would you check a package before upload? Please explain me why
    and how you perform the checks.

This has the added benefit of not mentioning lintian (there is `linda'
nowadays too), and being more general. When the applicant answers this
question, he can (and probably will) mention lintian. If he doesn't
mention why it is useful, you can ask about that later. You can also
poke him about how he tests the package before upload
(install/deinstall, purge, automatic tests, if any, etc).

If you only ask him about lintian, you'll miss your chance to ask
many nasty stuff. >:)

>  - Imagine you maintain a package which depends very closely to some
>    other package. How would you keep track of the development of other
>    packages, even if you are not the maintainer?

I like this one very much! Good job!
> A word on mailing lists: there are quite a lot of Debian mailing lists
> now and packaging-related packages, and I'd just like to check with
> you whether you know about the key ones.  I think all of the packages
> are listed as dependencies of task-debian-devel, but you may not be
> aware of what you have got.

This paragraph sounds a bit `stuffed'. It begins talking about mailing
lists, and quickly transforms into something completely different. I'd
talk a bit more about the mailing lists, and less about the
packages. (For example, I wouldn't mention policy and developers
reference, since you already asked questions based on stuff in
those. On the other hand, I'd mention lintian or linda, and sbuild as
an alternative to pbuilder). Oh, and I'd emphasise that debhelper is
not required at all ;)

> And as for mailing lists, you do not really need to read lots, but the
> most significant ones are probably:

Ah! So you continue the mailing list stuff here! I'd rearrange things
a bit in such a way, that the list of packages doesn't interrupt the
mailing-list stuff.

Gergely Nagy

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