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Re: AM Email Templates

> P.S.: Jordi suggested to split my nm1.txt into two files/mails to the
> Applicant. One for the Assigned Mail and one for the T&S Stuff. I
> personally prefer to do it in one mail. :)

I support Jordi in this. My rationale is that the applicant should be
gently guided (harassed :) through NM. First, you ask him about his
background, and look at his initial package. While you're trying to
find every little buglet in the package, he can answer P&P, which is
probably the easiest part of NM.

Then, when you're done with P&P, you start to feed him with the bugs
you found in his package. Not all of them at once, especially not if
there are more bugs of the same kind: lets see if he can find the
others by himself. During this stage, one starts to ask the T&S
questions (if you're lucky, your applicant chose a package for which
one or more of those questions are applicable).

I believe this is a good method, since different stages are usually
different threads, which makes your job easier, when you review P&P or
T&S, if it is really sufficient. If you mix them too much, you'll get
lost in the jungle.

Of course, this only applies if the NM process is more than 6-7 mails
(which it should be, in my opinion. We want to be damn sure that the
applicant is qualified, don't we?).

Feeding questions slowly also has the benefit of making it possible to
track the applicants progress more closely. Based on the questions,
your applicant may learn something, and adapt his packages
accordingly. If you let your cards out in the first mail, you'll lose
this ability. Of course, in the end he'll end up at roughly the same
level as if you'd just bombed him with questions in the beginning, but
YOU will know him better, and that's a serious advantage.

Gergely Nagy

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