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Re: AM Email Templates

Gergely Nagy <algernon@bonehunter.rulez.org> writes:

>>  - Do you know what 'lintian' is?  Why is it useful?
> Instead of this question, I used to ask this:
> (B) How would you check a package before upload? Please explain me why
>     and how you perform the checks.

Hmm, yes, thats better.

>> A word on mailing lists: there are quite a lot of Debian mailing lists
>> now and packaging-related packages, and I'd just like to check with
>> you whether you know about the key ones.  I think all of the packages
>> are listed as dependencies of task-debian-devel, but you may not be
>> aware of what you have got.
> This paragraph sounds a bit `stuffed'. It begins talking about mailing
> lists, and quickly transforms into something completely different. I'd
> talk a bit more about the mailing lists, and less about the
> packages. (For example, I wouldn't mention policy and developers
> reference, since you already asked questions based on stuff in
> those. On the other hand, I'd mention lintian or linda, and sbuild as
> an alternative to pbuilder). Oh, and I'd emphasise that debhelper is
> not required at all ;)

Rewritten, correct spelling please, i hate english :)
(Any other important package missing?)

A word on mailing lists: there are quite a lot of Debian mailing lists
now and packaging-related packages, and I'd just like to check with
you whether you know about the key ones.

debian-announce: Major public announcements
debian-devel-announce: Major announcements to the developer community

These two lists are must-subscribes.  Everything else is optional.  I
abbreviate 'debian-' to '-' from now on!

          security updates to stable
-private: you'll be subscribed automatically when your new-maintainer
          application is accepted; sensitive discussions, flamewars
          etc.  You can unsubscribe if you wish.
-devel:   general mailing list for developer issues
-policy:  where possible changes to debian-policy are discussed

There are many others; check the mailing list page on the web site
for details.

Now lets take a look at some important packages for a (upcoming) Debian
Developer. There are many of them, i just try to list the more important

  dpkg-dev   All of the primary tools needed to put a Debian package
             together: dpkg-buildpackage, dpkg-source, etc.
  debhelper  A very useful set of scripts designed to make
             debian/rules files more readable and uniform.
             But you should be able to build a package without it.
             Describes the policy relating to packages and details of
             the packaging mechanism.  Covers everything from
             required gcc options to the way the maintainer scripts
             (postinst etc.) work, package sections and priorities,
             etc.  An absolute must-read.  Also useful is the file
             which lists changes between versions of policy.
  doc-debian Lots of useful Debian-specific documentation: the
             constitution and DFSG, explanation of the Bug Tracking
             System (BTS), etc.
             The New Maintainer's Guide to making Debian packages.
  devscripts Lots of useful (and not-so-useful) scripts to help build
             Lots of information on procedures and suchlike.
  dupload or dput
             Automatically upload packages to the archive once they
             are built.
  fakeroot   Build packages without having to be root.
  reportbug  Tool to report bugs.
  pbuilder   Tool to check the build-depends of your package in a sane
  sbuild     Like pbuilder a tool to check build-depends of your
  linda      Two packages to check your package for commonly made
             errors. You should never upload a package which is not
             checked by one of these tools.

begin  OjE-ist-scheisse.txt
bye, Joerg                 Encrypted Mail preferred!
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