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Re: Maintain queue quesiton

On Fri, Apr 26, 2002 at 07:06:43PM +1000, Craig Small wrote:
> On Thu, Apr 25, 2002 at 01:28:53PM -0700, David Caldwell wrote:
> >  I've been reading the maintainer queue page 
> > (<http://nm.debian.org/nmlist.php>) and I happened to notice that some 
> > accounts seem to get created quicker than others. I wondering why some 
> > people seem to get through the queue faster than others (I'm talking about 
> > _after_ the AM gives the thumbs up, but _before_ the DAM creates the 
> > account). It appears it's not first-come first-serve?
> OK, first of all, I'd say the DAM would do "easy" applicants first.
> Easy means applications from AMs that write reports in an easily
> digestable way and have a good history of good, clear reports.  The
> applicant has nothing unusual about them either.  A good example is a
> GPG signed key is "easier" than an ID.  I base this answer on how I do
> things and some off-the-cuff remarks I have heard and might of quite
> easily misinterpreted.
> Secondly, the DAM sees the applications ordered by the date they
> applied, not the date that the AM approved them.  I'd say they probably
> process them the same way.

And then there are some applicants who simply aren't ready (DAM
rejects identification or whatever).

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