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AM Report for Pascal Hakim

Report for: Pascal Hakim <pasc@redellipse.net>
Preferred username: pasc
Mail forwarded to: pasc@redellipse.net


Pascal is currently studying at the University of New South Wales in
Sydney, Australia, in his fourth year of the Computer Engineering
program there. He first discovered Linux at school in 1996, starting
out with Slackware, then trying BSDs, and then moving to Debian,
which he has been using since around 1999. He writes:

>Last year, I was in Compsoc (my uni's computer students society), where I
>worked mostly on helping people install linux on their machine, and then by 
>providing linux support during lunchtimes. I now want to give more back to 
>Free Software, and I feel that Debian, gives me the perfect opportunity to do 

He wishes to do packaging. He maintains a number of applications,
some of which are already in Debian through sponsors.


pub  1024D/25BCD5BF 2001-09-06 Pascal Hakim (Personal) <pasc@redellipse.net>
sig!       25BCD5BF 2001-09-06  Pascal Hakim (Personal) <pasc@redellipse.net>
sig!       2497BFC9 2001-09-18  Matt Hope <dopey@quickstix.com.au>
sig!       6783ED5E 2002-02-03  Frederic Peters <fpeters@debian.org>
sub  1024g/F060A0B1 2001-09-06
sig!       25BCD5BF 2001-09-06  Pascal Hakim (Personal) <pasc@redellipse.net>

ID check passed.

Philosophy & Procedures

Pascal shows quite a good grasp of not only the DFSG and Social
Contract, but technical procedures such as NMUs and whatnot. He
agrees to follow the Social Contract and the DMUP. Passed.

Tasks & Skills

Like most applicants, Pascal wishes to do packaging. He maintains a
few packages in sid at the moment (cvs2html and newsclipper). He has
also packaged aladin, a utility to transfer data to and from a Uwatec
dive computer, as well as ltris, a free tetris clone, and is
currently seeking sponsors for these. I checked his packages and
found no real errors -- all were well done, whether he had adopted
them or Debianized them initially. Passed.


I believe that Pascal would make a good Debian developer and
recommend that he be accepted.


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Chris Danis
chris.danis@mercom.com / danish@debian.org
Debian GNU/Linux - www.debian.org

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