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About myself (André Luís Lopes)


I'm currently living in São Paulo, Brazil. I never went to somewhere else 
other than my own state (São Paulo) and it would be nice if people just tried 
to contact me before sending messages to the list regarding a possible 
problem with me.

The person who sent the message about the other person with the same name as 
mine are pretty mistaken about me and I would like if he could stop accusing 
me. I'll be in a brazilian Debian Install Fest (well, I guess I'll be) this 
month and I'll meet some Debian developers personally.

Anyway, I'm phisically pretty close to Eduardo Maçan (macan@debian.org) and 
my problem is only free time to meet him and to ask him to sign my GPG key.

I'll just ignore any message sent to this list regarding myself and won't 
take it as a personal attack.

André Luís Lopes
Utah Linuxcenter

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