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Re: sid: libc6-2.2.5-4 kills vmware workstation 3.0

On Tue, 9 Apr 2002, Jeroen Dekkers wrote:

> > Frequently, this utility comes via the use of programs that are not part
> > of, nor will ever be part of Debian.  Discouraging those who have a need
> > for such tools does nothing but harm Debian.
> On what do you base that?

I base that comment on my experiences trying to advocate Debian in
corporate environments, working with vendors and the rest of the "real
world" (where people don't always have choices to run free software).
It's disheartening to hear colleagues comment about what a bunch of
assholes the Debian people are.  Imagine that as a project member you are
a service provider.  A service provider can do 10 things right and be rude
only once, and still a user will recall the negative experience.

> Why do you think people with other views are a problem? Don't you come
> from a country where you have the freedom to say what you think? If
> you do, do you always walk away when somebody says what he thinks?
> Did also ever heard about ignoring/filtering the mails you don't like?

Sure.  But debian-devel is not a sounding board for your views.  It's a
technical list.  When you use it express your distain for non-free
software, you waste the collective time of the entire readership.  As long
as you're not a developer, a killfile is an option, but I don't intend to
add Debian developers to my killfile.

> > Developers can advocate applicants, but I'm not familiar with a method to
> > express reluctance concerning an applicant.  I'd like to request that the
> > DAM to reconsider Jeroen Dekkers' application for new maintainership, and
> > potentially place that application on hold for a period of time to further
> > assess the signal-to-noise his membership represents to Debian.  I believe
> > that his immaturity is detrimental to the project.
> Because you don't think the same way I do?

No, because when you choose to speak for the project, there is a modicum
of decorum that should be observed.  I have no interest in silencing your
convictions, and I'm not even disagreeing with what you've said.  I am
simply voicing my concern with *how* you've expressed yourself.  I believe
that there should be a certain amount of professional courtesy extended to
other developers and users.  I offering this same courtesy to you by
telling you why I would find it difficult to advocate you at this time.

In any event, my opinion carries no more weight than any other Debian
developer (and less that many), so there's little point in you feeling
threatened.  I'm simply stating, publicly, that I think it's important
that NM applicants exhibit the capacity for civil discourse on the lists,
and that a tendency to be abusive on the lists should be a factor in the
DAM's decision (which it may already be).


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